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what vehicle are these lights for? Saf-De-Lite


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i dug this pair of lights out of my storage box today which were in hiding for 50+yrs.  they are marked Saf-De-Lite.  anyone possibly know what model car they are for?  possibly just an aftermarket?  appriciate any help! thank you3E20D00F-99BC-40DB-9D49-29F91A5B2F7C.jpeg.6c1f85cdee0829b62f4d99758e86f7b0.jpeg8250E50A-5F35-4EFF-AB9A-FF596D651EE9.jpeg.dad4364bf4292b7bd2188ef90bbfe0f9.jpegFDA2421A-6293-4F52-8102-A87D1DF93BF6.jpeg.5097f90a3496a2467f63c817bbfdc343.jpegFD247145-C6C5-491A-ACD7-A5987ACAFF02.jpeg.7e6bde165a3fbf23795fe1109bedfc40.jpeg6697A36E-3DDF-476B-8833-17748A3CD2B1.jpeg.94000d02a3cf84aea35ac212b69d388b.jpeg

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Thanks George, but I am not an expert, never well be 😊.  I am just an 'old car guy' who writes stories - a storyteller.

If you look at the photo that goes below my name  you will see my 1930 Packard with a pair of Saf-de-lights on it.

These were offered as an accessory  just the same as Trippe lights, pilot Ray lights etc. in the 1928- 1933 era. Some car manufacturers offered them in their accessory sales catalogs - that is what Packard did , at least in 1930.

Yes the lights are very heavy. When I fitted the ones to my car I did not wire them up for extra light but did as directional signals since most modern drivers have no clue what hand signals are and when I use hand signals they think I am waving hello to them and wave at me! Yes, really. That is ok if it is a good looking gal who is smiling at me..................... I then wave back.

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