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Early Radiators Identification Help Needed


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They had that distinctive curve on the front of the core for a few years, and several models. Sizes varied with models. The 1925 ER standard coach I had many years ago had one very similar to this one. I don't have any literature that can identify the model this is from.

It should be of considerable interest for the Studebaker crowd! That front curve is not easily fit in a re-core of a radiator. What I can see from the photos, that radiator might clean up nicely, and help make a nice Studebaker better.

You might want to look into the Antique Studebaker club to find a buyer. Although desirable, don't plan on funding the 401K from it. Things don't generally work that way unless you wander into the one guy that needs that right now! A lot of us old guys already have tons (often literally!) of extra stuff we don't need right now. They aren't going to pay a lot for an unknown condition radiator they don't really need. Someone working on a car with a radiator that is a bit worse might pay a bit more? But they also may have to decide what he needs more? A radiator that might be better than what he has? Or maybe the tires in order to drive the car? 

Those of us that value our history, and the examples of the past that still exist, and should be maintained? We tend to think getting items like this into the hands, and onto the cars that need it is important. You should be able to get two to three times scrap value. So still more than scrapping it.

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