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TKX Tremec 5 speed in a 68 Galaxie

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Wanted to let folks know, in case they are interested... Changing from C6 to a manual 5 speed, using new TKX.  plenty of tunnel clearance, but since the stubby shift shaft sticks straight up, do need the full length original cut (for factory auto floor shifter) + some 3" forward front, for trans install.    This very likely applies to 66-67, likely 65.  FE engine.


Tom in VA

TKX tunnel clrnce a.png

TKX tunnel clrnce b.png

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You should do it!!    

Update to my Galaxie - had to raise the trans some with spacers, to get in 'proper' height, so the 1.2" is .6", still plenty of space, no additional tunnel mods.  Crossmember requires -0- mods, fits in same place, nice. 

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