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Does anyone know where Joel Nave's 1932 Auburn ended up? Or his other cars?

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A beautiful dark green phaeton. 



This could be it, but I'd have to trace it back:



I was able to track down his 1913 Mercer Runabout, sold recently:



His other cars that I know of included

1902 Oldsmobile, black

1910 Maytag, original paint, dark red

1932 Chrysler rumble seat, brown and orange
Model T, seem to remember it as red

Along with an early Harley Davidson and a Curtiss Marvel


He had many others but these were the ones that I helped work on at his home in northwestern Montana in the early 1990s.  I don't have any photos or further information.   I could probably identify a particular repair on the Maytag if I ever saw it again.  And if the Chrysler has remained untouched there is an ill fated blemish on one of the fenders.  Just curious what happened to his amazing collection.

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