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Tapes for sale


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Am getting ready for a garage sale.  Have a 40 year collection of 8-track tapes   approx 125. total count.  Some of the 8 tracks are unopened.   There is no guarantee if they work.  Thought I would offer to the club for anyone that needs them for their 70-80 rides.  The 8 tracks are a mix of 60-70's   Even a Van Halen in there.  Be advised I am not a hard rocker or punk rocker . there is none of that.   If they don't sell then its off the the dump.  My garage sale is in 2 weeks.  If interested I will make a list of the 8 tracks.  Pricing is negotiable.  much prefer to sell as a lot rather than individual.  Its 25 miles for me to get to the post office.  2.00 each plus shipping.  125.00 for the whole lot.


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