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Late 20's Touring Car Top, what Make?


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A friend has this touring car top, wondering what it may have fitted. Bought it several years ago, was told it was late 20's GM. As shown has 4 steam bent bows all set into steel socket style arms, front 2 bows measure about 56" wide out to out, and rear 2 bows measure about 57" wide out to out. Front header clamps are stamped 725-505. front and back bows are flat along length, while other 2 bows have about 1" of curvature over length. Bows are solid except front bow which is cracked at one end. He's asking $200 for it. Any ideas of what it might have been on?

touring car top 1.JPG

touring car top 2.JPG

touring car top 4.JPG

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My 1918 McLaughlin uses a nearly identical front , windshield post clamp. Most of the top hardware on a McLaughlin top is plated , brass castings.  The same top is used on U.S. production Buicks except all the metal parts are painted steel like on this top. Notice how much of the top extends out to the side, past the front clamps. This is much more typical of a late teens / early 20's top than a later 1920's top.  The clamps will normally attach to studs at the top of the windshield posts so the space between the clamps is roughly the width of the windshield. By the later 1920's tops rarely stuck out much to the side , beyond the windshield width.

 You are quite close to the U.S. I expect at least a few U.S. Buicks made it into Nova Scotia over the years. I would look at photo's of 1918 - 1925 Buick tops, you might find a match.

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My friend has the rear window that came with it which he was thinking of using on a Ford touring car he is rebuilding. I've asked for photos of the window frame, a 2 piece rectangular unit, sandwiches either side of canvas. Update: here are the photos of window frame, 19"x7", inner and outer parts screwed together.

rear window 2.JPG

rear window .JPG

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