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I have been collecting stamps now for more than 70 years, and I have been interested in cars for more than 60 years.


In 1982 through 1984, the Franklin Mint, with authority of the FIA (Federation Internationale De L'Automobile) printed a set of large cards, each card featuring a specific car, and a postage stamp commemorating that specific car.


These were sold on a "subscription" basis; one signed up for a subscription, and then periodically received one or more of the cards. Because of this subscription feature, and the fact that various owners would remove specific cards from the set; it is difficult to acquire a complete set (if one knew what cards would consist of a complete set). I was unaware of the set when printed, so over the last 30 years have been able to acquire 3 "complete" sets (none of which was complete ;) ) and have made as complete a set as I can for myself.


As I have no need for the duplicates, and will not advertise a set that is not complete; I am offering my duplicates here.


The cards are 8 inches wide by 4 1/2 inches tall.


I have reproduced both a front and a back (different cards) as examples. Note the text on the reverse is printed in both English and French.


Of the 3 "complete" sets I have purchased, I found one with 80 different, one with 92 different, and one with 98 different.


Upon merging these 3 sets, I now have a checklist (probably not complete) of 108 different cars.


My checklist is listed below.


Prices to include postage IN THE UNITED STATES ONLY:


1 card - $12. each

3 or more cards ordered at the same time - $10. each


EDIT: VISA & MasterCard accepted.

573-392-7378 (9-12, 1-4 Mon-Tues central time).


I will update the list as the various cards sell.



 A.C.                    Ace

 Alfa Romeo

 Alfa Romeo              Tipo B                   1932


 Amilcar                 CCGs Surbaisse           1927 SOLD

 Aston Martin            Tourer

 Auburn                                           1935

 Austin                  Metro

 Auto Union


 Bentley                                          1928 SOLD

 Benz                    Motorwagen

 BMW                                              1938

 Bristol                                          1947

 Bugatti                 Type 35

 Bugatti                 Type 41 Royale

 Buick                   Super                    1952


 Cadillac                Model A

 Cadillac                V-16


 Chevrolet               Camaro

 Chevrolet               Corvette                 1963

 Chrysler                Imperial Roadster        1931

 Citroen                                          1939




 Datsun                                           1932 SOLD

 Datsun                  240/260Z

 Delage                                           1910

 Delage                                           1925


 Doble                   Steam Car

 Dodge                                            1915 SOLD

 Duesenberg              Dual Cowl Phaeton

 Duesenberg              SJ





 Ferrari                 Tipo 156


 Ford                    Escort

 Ford                    Model T

 Ford                    Mustang

 Ford                    Thunderbird              1955 SOLD

 Franklin                                         1928

 Frazer Nash             Standard                 1925 SOLD


 Gaz                     M-20



 Healey                  Silverstone              1950 SOLD





 Itala                                            1907


 Jaguar                  XJ6


 Kissel                  Gold Bug Speedster       1925 SOLD


 La Cuadra

 La Salle                                         1927 SOLD

 Lagonda                 LG6

 Lamborghini             Miura

 Lanchester                                       1919


 Lincoln                 Continental

 Locomobile                                       1916

 Lorraine-Dietrich                                1912 SOLD

 Lotus                   Climax-25

 Lotus                   Elite


 M.G.                    TC

 Marmon                  16

 Maserati                250 F

 Maserati                Bora                     1973

 Matra-Ford              MS-80


 Mazda                   Cosmo 110S               1967 SOLD


 Mercedes                300SL

 Mercedes                Knight                   1910 SOLD

 Mercedes Benz                                    1937

 Mercer                                           1913

 MG                      Midget                   1932

 Minerva                                          1921 SOLD

 Morgan                  Plus Four                1950 SOLD

 Morris                  Oxford (Bullnose)



 Napier                  40/50 175 Six


 Oldsmobile              Curved Dash

 Opel                    Olympia

 Opel                    Olympia



 Panhard & Levassor


 Pierce-Arrow            Silver Arrow             1933

 Polonez                 FSO

 Pontiac                 GTO                      1967 SOLD


 Porsche                 917


 Renault                                          1912

 Renault                                          1979

 Riley                   Sprite

 Rolls-Royce             Phantom III

 Rolls-Royce             Silver Ghost

 Rover                                            1907


 Saab                    99

 Stanley                 Steamer

 Studebaker              Avanti                   1962

 Stutz                   Bearcat                  1913


 Triumph                 TR3A


 Vauxhall                Prince Henry

 Volkswagen              Beetle                   1947 SOLD


 Wolseley                                         1903


 Zis                     110








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For reference, there is a near set of these on Ebay currently. Ebay number is 275430318763.


There are several card/stamp combinations pictured on this auction, and no, it is not mine.



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