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A Great Evening For A Cruise!

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Hello Everyone,


   I believe the car folks who live within a 50 mile radius of Cleveland, Ohio are really lucky (at least in the summer months)


   Every week night we have multiple cruises to attend & every weekend at least a couple of shows. A couple of our weekly cruises routinely get 250-400 cars. I was at one last night "Grace Church" in Middleburg Hts with probably 275 cars in attendance. These folks that run the church love the cars & the car people, they sell hamburgers/hotdogs/ pop & water. They also leave the church open for us to us the bathrooms.


   Laura & I saw a lot of friends & a bunch of really cool cars, here are just a few pictures!


God Bless





20220825_174446 (800x600).jpg

20220825_174455 (800x600).jpg

20220825_174517 (800x600).jpg

20220825_174729 (800x600).jpg

20220825_175059 (800x600).jpg

20220825_175330 (800x600).jpg

20220825_180025 (800x600).jpg

20220825_180254 (800x600).jpg

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