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FS 1926-1928 Standard Marvel heat riser

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146-21 Marvel Heat riser with lower exhaust bell broken.  3 screws broken off (circled in red) , 2 of these drilled out, still needs tap/helicoil. 
Broken exhaust connection will not affect functionality since exhaust should be blocked off anyway due to modern fuels performing better without preheating.  Inside liner tube appears to be solid with no rust holes. Probably not for a show car, but should work fine for a driver.

Master parts list shows 2 variants of heat riser - 1926-1928 and a 1928 used with die cast carburetor.  Which one is this ? 

$50 plus shipping
location: near Portland, OR

heat riser1.jpg

heat riser2.jpg

heat riser3.jpg

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