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1925 Packard wiring diagram …… What does this extra plug do!


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Hi, was looking at this wiring diagram and noticed an extra plug. It’s H2 Puelizer Spark Plug.

I gather it might be a magneto type ignition but not sure of which I have little (read zero) knowledge about.

Can I asked the informed to shed light onto what it does?


No, I don’t have a Packard but always interested in old stuff, especially the bits where the smoke comes out unexpectedly!



Rodney 😀😀😀😀😀😀


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I think that is a Fuelizer Spark Plug, part of a device to vaporize the fuel for easier cold starting and idling.


Fuelizer, Packard's Motor Miracle, Innovation in Gasoline Engineering

March 13, 1920

Another contribution in the field of automotive engineering has been made by the Packard Automobile Company. Its engineers have perfected a device which is at once simple and solves the problem of heating the present low-grade of gasolene to insure complete combustion. The Fuelizer, as it is called, consists of a chamber surrounding the intake manifold, in which a small amount of gasolene is exploded and then drawn into the manifold thus raising the temperature of the gas to a high degree. The gasoline is drawn into the Fuelizer chamber by a small pipe leading from below the butterfly valve, is circulated at high velocity in the chamber by the explosion caused by the spark plug in the chamber, and then goes through a small opening into the manifold where the usual wet and cold mixture from the carburetor is converted into superheated gas which explodes entirely upon ignition.

The benefits of this small device are many. Due to the complete combustion, the danger of unburned kerosene cutting away the lubricant from the cylinder wall, resulting in scoring, is done away with. It is ideal as an aid in cold weather starting; experiments made with a motor banked with snow, the air temperature being 11 degrees Fahrenheit, showed that an instantaneous start was made possible by the Fuelizer, perfect response to the throttle being gained in ten seconds. Another advantage is its automatic action; as the feed to the Fuelizer chamber is below the butterfly valve, suction through the pipe will be strong when the value is closed, as at low speeds, and will be less and less as the valve is opened and good running conditions result. Thus the Fuelizer helps when it is most needed, and is shut off when the motor is hot.


Much food for thought in this report. One point that drew my attention was the mention of the low grade of gasolene which is being sold then and the problem of vaporizing the  kerosene it contained. This should put to rest the question of whether gasolene contained kerosene in those days, and whether it is all right to add some kerosene to today's fuel which is much lighter and dryer than the gasolene of yore.

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On 8/22/2022 at 9:22 PM, Rusty_OToole said:

I think that is a Fuelizer Spark Plug, part of a device to vaporize the fuel for easier cold starting and idling.


Actually my JD tractor has just such a system for helping get the diesel started in cold weather.

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