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Looking for 1917 Buick D-45 headlights


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I support what Larry says, the rim / bezel does not look right, the bucket does. I can offer you a nice made repro bezels, PM me. I have them on e-bay too, #203949776915, should you prefer this way.  I have attached 2 pics from internet that I believe show correct executiom.



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For all practical purposes the D-Series Buicks for 1916 and 1917 were supposed to be the same.  However, there were minor changes in the two model years production.  The 1916 models were introduced in late Summer of 1915.  Those cars had headlights that were mounted on forks that attached to the frame rails.  Those cars also had flat fenders.  I do not know at what frame number the fenders were changed to a crowned style, but at that point the headlight buckets mounted to the inside of the fenders like what is shown in the two photos of the car above.  My 1920 K-46 has the inside fender mounted headlights like the car in the photos above.  Here's where things start to get somewhat complicated.  The headlight buckets on my 1920 are not of the same shape or style as what is on my 1916 D-45 that was built in October of 1915.  My '16 is a known early production car with the forks and flat fenders.  The car in the two photos is a 1917 model because of the rocker post configuration on the engine.  Another way to determine what headlights a car should have is if there are no fork brackets riveted to the frame, then that will tell a person what style of headlights the car should have along with the car having crowned fenders.  WW1 threw a huge kink into the automobile manufacturers plans due to material requirements for the Military.  That was the reason the 1916 models were carried over into 1917 because nobody could introduce a new model and get new material to build it.  My advice would be to get with someone who has a 1916 or 1917 with the fender mounted lights and get photos of them so you will know what to look for because they are different from the later ones on the fenders.  I hope that this has helped a bit.


Terry Wiegand

South Hutchinson, Kansas

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