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Nails for belt weatherstrips


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Do you have a source for nails for belt weatherstrips?  I need ones with 1/2 inch length and a 1/8 inch head. Restoration Specialties doesn’t have the size I need. 

Thomas Schuttish

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They are not tacks but rather nails. Maybe I have the semantics wrong. I got some from Restoration Specialties with the correct head type and size but they were too long. I cut them down and tried to drive them into the wood belt molding and it was difficult as the end was square after cutting them. For the next installation I decided to put points on them in hopes the points would go into the wood more easily. Tom, I used my Baldor grinder to do the points. I angled the nail shafts at 90 degree turns for a squarish arrowhead. I did a test and they seemed to penetrate wood more easily than the blunt end nail. I’ll see how it goes when I get to the actual, rather hard wood. Thanks for the replies. 

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Mcmastercarr.com. Part number 97820A666


$9.00 per pack of 1 lb.

In stock


Packs of 1 lb.

New Add-In Version

Streamline your design process with our Solidworks Add-In.

Available for Solidworks 2017 or newer.



Nail Gauge18 ga.

Shank Diameter0.05"

Head Diameter1/8"

Head TypeFlat

Shank TypeSmooth

For Use OnHard Wood, Plywood, Soft Wood

RoHSNot Compliant

REACHNot Compliant

DFARSSpecialty Metals COTS-Exempt

Country of OriginPeoples Republic of China

Schedule B731700.9000


A small, flat head makes these nails easier to drive flush to the surface than standard finishing nails.

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On 8/21/2022 at 4:02 PM, Tom Boehm said:

I bet that Baldor grinder does not vibrate. 

There is a noticable difference between a Baldor grinder and a cheap one, and for the (rather large)difference in price there should be. I have both and even on the Baldor I have to occasionally take the wheel off and true it up. I think it's a Norton wheel. I put the wheel on an arbor in my milling machine and use a diamond dresser, works very well. I've tried doing it on the grinder but never had any luck that way

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