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What is this Vintage Chevrolet box


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Thank you for the reply. Not sure what is inside. The lid is not easily coming off. Don’t want to ruin it for someone that can really use it.

I think it’s a little big for a radio box but I don’t know. 
One theory is an battery box for accessories, like marker lights and such. I’ll see about getting the top to open.

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That is a radio, full stop. Controls were almost always separate in those days and didn't amount to much.


Look around wherever you found it for the controls. Probably 2 knobs and a little round dial (most likely) for a Chevrolet of that time period. It will have 2 cables that look like speedometer cables hanging off of it that connect to that box. The speaker is another separate piece, probably round, probably has some sort of screen for a grille, probably mounts with one stud from the back.

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The knobs on the ebay one are some that you wouldn't fool with much, like maybe a tone control and a distance/local sensitivity switch. The actual controls are as I described in my post above. The ebay radio is probably a more expensive model. The box and the speaker mount on the firewall way back under the dash, facing the passengers.

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1 hour ago, JFranklin said:

On the one in question, the speaker, antenna, and dial head would be mounted remotely on the firewall and dash. Some had speakers in the headliner. It is around 1936.

Photos of speaker and dial







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