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1963 Buick Riviera - heater delete

wayneo bueno

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I purchased a beautiful 63 Riviera sight unseen without an HVAC system. It was Hemmings Find of the Day in FEB 2021. The body, interior and drivetrain are all beautiful, so I just assumed that one of the prior owners was an idiot for tearing out the heater and air conditioning and bought it anyway. Upon further inspection I saw that the firewall delete plate (for lack of a better term) was very well done. It fit well, was beaded well and installed well.  I can live without a/c but needed a heater and defrosters as I live north of Chicago, so I purchased and installed a "Vintage Air" heating system and moved on. I entered the car in a local all Buick show ( and took best of show) where I met several very knowledgeable Buick guys who suggested the car may be one of a hundred or so "heater delete" cars on record purchased in southern states. This car was born and raised in southern California. Any insight you can provide on the idea that this may in fact be a heater delete car would be greatly.  Thank you. 

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Interesting that the option B5 heater and defroster delete COST $98.00 in the day. Photo is taken from the Riviera Owners Association website.


Thinking how many people would have PAID TO DELETE IT. Interesting as to why someone would ask for it to be deleted and what purpose would it achieve to not have a heater and defroster ….. just don’t use it. Unless the new owner had a bad experience previously.

Rodney 😀😀😀😀😀😀



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