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Show us your Buick oil and lube cans

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On 12/12/2022 at 9:47 AM, 60FlatTop said:

Two pounds of axle grease, enough for a lifetime.


Six and a half gallons of transmission fluid. Well, maybe not so long.


depends on your Dynaflow gaskets?

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Mr Earl, I have the twin to your 5-gallon can. I bought it for $50 back in 1995 at the Chgo national meet swap in Lisle.

When the vendor told me the price I about ripped my pocket off getting to my money clip. Here's a few more from my garage collection. Not be to outdone by the Special Buick oil for Dynaflow drive I have some full cans of the Synchromesh Transmission Lubricant for Buick Special! So there!

Buick 5-gallon can_1.jpg

Buick 5-gallon can_2.jpg

Buick corner shelf_2.jpg

Buick corner shelf_4.jpg

Buick big shelf_2.jpg

Buick big shelf_3.jpg

Buick big shelf_4.jpg

Buick big shelf_5.jpg

Buick big shelf_6.jpg

Buick oil can_1.jpg

Buick oil can_2.jpg

Buick oil can_12.jpg

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