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I thought it was something that screwed into a sparkplug hole.  As a kid I remember running across a gizmo about the size of a sparkplug that was used to inflate a tire.  I don't remember what it was called...

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Yes, those were around and many farmers had one laying in the floorboard of their pickup trucks to air up tractor tires.  Dad had one with a cloth-covered hose and a fitting that screwed into a spark plug hole, with a pressure gauge near the end which attached to the tire's valve stem (screwed onto the valve stem).


Always wondered how long it would take the hydrocarbons in the "air" to affect the innards of a tire's rubber?  But back then, times were slower and so were the vehicles we drove.  As most tires back then also had tubes in them.


That "manifold vacuum-driven" pump would certainly be befitting of a fancy Buick, back then!




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1 hour ago, Barney Eaton said:

Remember when GM had a option that sucked the ashes from your cigarette?  

Must have been in the "60's



It was actually the late 1950s,

1956 - 1960 Chevys.


Here are a couple of videos:


And a link to five unusual accessories:


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