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Help ID this windshield frame


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As I started to restore what I thought was a 1939-46 Chevy truck windshield frame, I realized it lacks the attaching points for the hinges that allow the WS to crank out from the bottom. Further, the frame has two bolts or rivets on each side, suggesting that this WS was designed to pivot out or was otherwise affixed in the sides. Otherwise, the frame is made in the identical fashion as the ‘46 Chevy trucks. Any ideas? Thanks!




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Mystery solved. The frame does fit a 1941-46 Chevy or GMC. Someone added the screws on the side, probably after their WS crank died- so they screwed the frame to the cab. Crude, but fairly common. At any rate, the frame is being restored and the side screws have been removed. These frames are very prone to rust, so any frame that is solid is worth restoration . Thanks!

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