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1932 model 57 resurrected

Pete Phillips

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I bought this car in pieces from Dick Dersham's estate in Dallas, Texas about 7 years ago. Engine & transmission were out of it; front end sheet metal & radiator was removed, all four fenders were off of it, but it had and still has its original paint and mohair upholstery. We finally had time to work on it this month. Put the engine back in it, flipped the intake manifold over and fitted it with an adaptor plate and three-bolt Buick downdraft carburetor (that is my only concession to modern updates on this car), which makes it so much easier to prime and start the engine. Well, the valves were not moving; camshaft was not turning. Checked for stuck valves and none were stuck. Removed the front cover and found that the fiber timing gear was partly stripped. Luckily, I had another one, so we replaced it and got the camshaft and valves to move properly. Hooked up the distributor, attached the radiator and hoses, hooked up an 8-volt battery (what a difference that makes in cranking speed!), primed the carburetor, and it started and ran on the third try!. I don't think the engine has run since 1975, as that is the last inspection sticker on the windshield. 

On Friday we installed the gas tank, rebuilt the fuel pump, hooked up the fuel line, put gas in the tank, water in the radiator, and the car started and ran for 5-10 minutes off of the gas in the tank! No water leaks, no fuel leaks--amazing!


The car has navy blue paint with black fenders and black body moldings, white pin-striping on the body and on the wood spoke wheels--all original and in amazing condition. The rear fenders are at the paint shop now, as they were in primer and need to be finished, then we will drill out the broken bolts and install them. Doors close like a vault--all of the wood in the body is excellent.  The car will be for sale soon, since I still have one more 1932 model 57 that needs completion after this one.






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Nicely done Pete and Edwin, glad you gents are able to bring another 32 Buick back to life!


Those who have been there before can attest to the first few fires from a long forgotten engine as it stumbles to life.

What is rewarding sound, indeed.


What is the paint number on the dataplate?

If it is 285, then the original color is Commodore Blue (a darker blue).



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