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1991 vert in NJ


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I suspect there might be some history somewhere, but we'd need a VIN to check into it.

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Give me the vin number and I will tell you what I know. 

There were 110 white convertibles built. 

71 had red interior.  ......  10 of these were donated to tech schools and were never to be sold. 

68 of those had a white top

46 of those had white side molding

..........   a small percent had white wheels   


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lets see if my records are anywhere near correct.... 

From the factory only 14 white convertibles had white wheels.. 

Only 5 had red interior..... so the car above should be one of these 5 vins


90475  this car has gold pinstripe ..... car pictured has red pinstripe 





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There were no restrictions on ordering any top color with any exterior color. 

It would be the dealers option on what color to order.    They did check at the zone office and 

if it was an unusual combination, zone would probably call the dealer to verify it was not a mistake. 


There is a photo of the engine compartment and you can see the vin tag on the fender lip.... 

I cannot get it clear enough to read. 

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Now we are making progress... 

900537  was indeed a white convertible, white top, red interior with 16 way seats and CD ... red pinstripe.

The document I have does not show white wheels,  but it shows it going to "Rand" as some zone office. 

So we do not know when the white wheels were put on and by who.... but they were an option. 

I checked the database and there is no info there....sometime we know what states it has been in and mileage at some point. 

Last I checked Tom Benvie's 1991 database... nothing there that disputes the above.... no white wheels on his list. 

of the 46 convertibles only 8, plus one that was scrapped, have both the 16 way seat and CD

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I actually think this has been for sale for a couple years. Trying to remember what the deal was, it sat for a while and may have been an estate car. I seem to recall a Craigslist ad at some point.

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