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Cars, photo taken 1925 French Lick indiana

John Bloom

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1 minute ago, Matt Harwood said:

Larry Bird's home town.

Matt, yes, French Lick.  we snuck down there for the weekend to celebrate our 36 anniversary and hit some antique stores. An interesting guy had this in his shop and I told him I thought Cadillac and Hupmobile but wasn’t sure of the year. It was in this picture. We stayed at the West Baden resort. If you guys have an opportunity to stay there, jump on it. The place is incredible and so bizarre something like that would be in this little town in southern Indiana.


I tried to buy the picture from his shop. He wasn’t selling.



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3 hours ago, wayne sheldon said:

A couple pieces of crystal glassware on the shelf above is American Fostoria. My parents had hundreds of pieces of it!

Interesting Wayne. This is why I hang around here.  It is an ongoing education for me. 

The guy running the shop was a character out of a novel.  Total disorganized clutter, with no thought to how items were displayed. Virtually nothing had a price tag on it. When I asked about that he said “it’s subjective”. The pieces there I liked, when I asked about price, he said “oh, I can’t sell that”.  He was a lonely eccentric fellow.  My wife and I stayed and visited for 30-45 minutes and had some nice conversation and heard his stories. A few others drifted in and out without talking or engaging him. As we were leaving he gave me something I had shown interest in that clearly had value and said “it was free”. 

we talked a long time about the photograph I posted. He said the West Baden resort had asked him to donate it to them. He seemed excited that I could maybe help identify the cars. I have his phone number and I’ll call him this morning.



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Sounds like an interesting and sad fellow.

Vintage glassware was quite collectable thirty to fifty years ago. My wife and I collected depression era Cameo or "Dancing Girl" also often called "Ballerina", manufactured by Hocking Glass. We paid some fairly high prices for a few moderately rare desirable pieces. We even bought a pitcher to display with our common cups in spite of its being cracked because flawless pitchers were way beyond our budget in those days! As I commented, my parents collected hundreds of pieces of American Fostoria crystal.

About twenty to twenty five years ago, the bottom fell out of those as collectibles. Apparently too many elder collectors passed on with their collections flooding the market with both rare and common pieces. 

After my dad passed on about twenty years ago, my mother and brother tried selling most of their collection to supplement their finances, and sadly couldn't get even half of what had been paid for items ten to fifteen years earlier.

My wife lost interest in the Cameo. It dropped so badly in price we just boxed up most of what we had and buried it in the storage shed. Once in awhile, we look at pieces on eBay. If I wanted to, today I could buy a flawless Cameo pitcher for about a third of what we paid for the cracked one thirty years ago! We paid about sixty dollars (best buy we ever saw in those days!) for a nice pair of Cameo candlesticks thirty-five years ago. I recently saw a couple pair for about twenty dollars per pair.

Collect what you like and wish to enjoy!. If prices later go through the roof and you win the lottery? So much the better. But don't count on collectibles for your retirement account!

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