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1909 - 1912 Daimlers

R Holden

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Hi all


I recent purchased a large collection of 3 veteran sleeve valve Daimlers, the earliest is 1909 and our intention is to keep this and restore it, there is also a 1911 which we intend to sell and is a fairly complete vehicle and the 3rd is what I consider a "parts car"


All 3 car were totally dismantled and stored in a container for many years, this was not kind to them, but everything is restorable and in reasonable condition. Mechanically  the radiators core are missing from each car though the tanks and side are there. All 3 cars have Rudge Whitworth wire wheels to suit 880 x 120 tyres, there is some body panels for patterns and various fender that are restorable, however a new body will be required.


I would be interested in talking to anyone who has detailed in formation on the Knight Daimlers and anyone who may be interested in some of the spares.





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I encourage you to register on the Willys, Overland, Knight Registry Forum and post your inquiry there.

There are many people within WOKR that are knowledgeable on the Daimler Knight engines.







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