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1970 Buick Riviera - Tucson AZ - $17,700 - Not mine

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Here's a different body style Riviera you don't see very much. Not a bad looking car.




First year for the Buick 455. Last year for 10:1 compression. 370 HP/510 lbs-ft torque. This is a solid and complete/original Riviera, a perfect candidate for restoration. 113,000 miles. It does need TLC. This is a highly option car. A/C works with its original R12. Brakes have been rebuilt with new front wheel bearings. But the drum brakes need to be fine-tuned/adjusted. Original interior in decent condition. Dash has no cracks. Color is the original Coronet Gold. The rocker gaskets leak, and you can smell oil on the exhaust manifolds. But there are no drips under the car. The exhaust hangers need to be replaced, because it sometimes rattles. The floors, frame and undercarriage are solid and clean. You can see the underside photos. The body pinch welds are all intact and look good. I have photographed the rust areas in the outer sheet metal here and there. The rear edge of the trunk and the left rear quarter above the fender skirt are the worst areas. The tires are good. The engine is solid, but I would suspect the carburetor would need to be rebuilt. The options include power windows, 6-way power seats, windshield washer, load level air shocks in the back, electric fuel pump, power locks, highest of 3 levels of interior trim. This is the top "custom" interior. AM/FM radio, Cruise Control, Tilt wheel. This car is worth restoring, but I no longer have the facility to do the job right. I bought it from a flipper who found it in an out building on a farm. (Implement shed or machine shed). I am hoping someone can appreciate the potential this car offers. And that would be cash on the barrelhead if you are interested. Clean title. Sold as is.





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