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1929 Desoto 6 - $17K

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This was offered for sale late last year and no takers. These Chrysler products have a lot to recommend them, but they just don't have the interest or support to command "model A money". 


Total older super low mile restoration, runs and drives excellent, very nice paint not perfect, zero rust. Lowballers don’t bother. If it’s still listed it’s still for sale. email: b0707594fa6c377d8c52aa837347423b@sale.craigslist.org


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6 cylinder version of mine and in nicer condition. Unfortunately with things the way they are I'm thinking his price might be a stretch. Too bad as they are nice driving cars for that time period. 

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It's not even a 1929, which would be a model K.


it is a 1930 CK.   29 had the thin radiator shell when viewed from the side.  30 went to this wider shell, then back to thin in 1931.

29 had cowl lights, mounted on the cowl chrome band, 30 went to fender lights instead. 29 did not have the 90 degree angle brackets at the bottom front of cowl, as seen with hood opened. 29 taillight was mounted on the fender, 30 has that upright stalk bracket mounted down low.


It must have the wrong radiator hiding behind the expanded mesh metal and the layer of house screen behind that mesh. 

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I'm not disagreeing with you and I'm no expert. My 30 has the wide radiator shell, tail light (now two) mounted on the fender, and cowl lamps. It also has the angle brackets at the bottom of the cowl but I don't think they extend that far away from the cowl.   Mine is a CF8

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