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1934 Dodge Sedan - $19K unfortunate color on nice car

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Seems to be the number one mistake. Also about $5K high given the work needed. 


1934 Dodge sedan. An all original example. Flathead six cylinder, standard shift. Not very many of these old Dodges are left, especially in this condition. Great body, glass, and interior. Five new Coker tires mounted on wire wheels that were special on early Dodges. It starts and runs just as an 88 year old car should, which means not on the freeway. All doors close solidly. Has a perfect ram mascot on the hood. It comes with some very unusual accessories.
It is going to need a new clutch and pressure plate, not a big deal if you’re a mechanic.
I’m selling it for $19,000.00. That’s what I’ve got invested. I’ll take no less since it’s priced quite a bit lower than the going rate on facebook and Craigslist (if you can even find one of these Mopars) Lots of Fords, a few Chevys, no 1934 Dodges.
I seriously considered tossing the old flathead six and putting in a 318 or 383, but for personal reasons I no longer want to keep it.
If you’re serious, contact me and I can give you quite a bit more information. I’m not ready to haggle. 19 grand and that’s it.
The car is located in Watsonville. Ca. email: 0cd2a6861970394abed272807c9f8f79@sale.craigslist.org


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I had one back in 1978? I bought it in Illinois for $6000. I moved to Florida and had it and my 35 Buick shipped down. My cousin in Florida( whom I've never met before) talked me into selling it to him for what I paid for it.He was making payments but then said he needed the title to get a loan for the rest.He stiffed me for $3000 and I've never seen him since. Anyway mine was also a sedan but had a luggage rack and one side mount.It also has a crank out windshield.It doesn't look like this one has that but I could be wrong. So never do business with friends or relatives.

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8 hours ago, Leif in Calif said:

 An all original example. 

(Quote not from Leif, but the ad)


I wonder if records would show how many left the factory with blinding red paint and pleated vinyl interiors.




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