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Reproduction 1925-27 Buick Horn Button Assembly


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I am currently restoring one of my two 1927 model 25 Buicks with original body work by the Holden Motor Company, in Australia. Approximately 25% remains to complete the current restoration work.


Along the way, I discovered that I needed a complete horn button assembly in a serviceable condition but I was not able to find one. I was able to find one in a sad, unserviceable state. This at least showed me the various components that made up a complete functioning assembly.  As a result of none seemingly being available, I decided to disassemble the unserviceable unit that I had been given and reproduce each of the components parts to make a new reproduction assembly.


I have now reproduced a complete horn assembly to suit a 1925-26-27 Buick steering wheel mounting point. The reproduction unit consists of reproduced original brass contact components, and a new compression spring. Some non-metallic parts, namely the horn button and central mounting block which were originally made from “Micata” but now have been made from a substituted modern plastic (PLA) by using 3D printing techniques.


The components are hand finished and polished were necessary then assembled.  The completed horn assembly was mounted into its steering column position along with the necessary component electrical wiring and connections to ensure complete electrical functionality to a connected horn. Testing demonstrated that all connections and reproduction components were functional and the horn assembly performed as required.

Having made one complete assembly and recognising the lack of availability of these horn button assemblies, I decided to make some additional  units. I now have a few extra complete assemblies. Feel free to contact me if you are in need of a reproduction assembly.


Photos of the assembly are provided for your perusal.


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