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1937 Dodge MC 1/2 Ton Headlight Questions

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I know this has been talked about but here is what i have. I have two sets of headlights one set being around the 7 1/2" diameter and the other set being around 8 1/4" diameter. the pix show the brown headlights with a single smaller depression in the bucket (around 7 1/2" diameter) and the blue bucket shows a larger depression that the mount goes into the bucket (around 8 1/4"). Which one is correct for the 1937 Dodge MC 1/2 Ton truck. If the brown one is correct i have the mounting bases, but i don't have the correct mounting bases for the blue ones. which leads me to ask if the blue buckets are correct does anyone have the correct mounts for them?



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I have dealt lately with headlight work/parts for a 37. I will post pics of what I have and will use. I can't say all of it is the only correct parts used in 37. It all was on the truck when it arrived at my shop. Changes during vehicle production were common and difficult to confirm.


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