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What does this mirror fit?


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This mirror was in a Studebaker box and came with studebaker parts.  It is not Studebaker.  I am thinking it is from the forties.   On the back of the base is "General"  with the city name of Detroit under it.  it has a casting number of M1331.   


Thanks in advance

ac1361 rear view mirro p7.JPG

ac1361 rear view mirro p8.JPG

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If the mounting bar is about 6.5 inches long, it could be an accessory mirror for 1941 and 1942 Studebaker Commanders and Presidents.  The bar would replace a piece of stainless trim on the cowl just in front of the driver's door.  I made a mirror for my 1941 Commander since there didn't seem to be any available.  I didn't like the ones made by Fisher.


If the bar is shorter, it might be for 1941 Chrysler, Plymouth, other Mopar cars.

 425153598_1941mirrorinstalled-front.jpg.ab46b37d1ed7940615a611b6da37d25d.jpgMy 1941 Commander with mirror I fabricated.


95780528_1941mirrors-chromed.jpg.e030cac187fbd2ad402da73779a2e41d.jpgFour mirrors for 1941 Studebakers.



Swan neck mirror on 1941 Chrysler, might be Fisher mirror.

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