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What does this carb fit? 4

Larry Schramm

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The edge of the identification tag is visible in the pictures.


Look at the round tag. 


If original there will be TWO circles of numbers, the inner circle is the important number.

If replacement there will be only ONE circle of numbers.


Now fire up your favorite search engine (I use Google).


Search for www.thecarburetorshop.com nnnnn where nnnnn is the number.


That will take you to a page (or more) of my website.


Up at the top of your browser on one of the pull-down menus will be the command "Find on this page" of just do a Control F


Enter the number.


This should take you to exact original application (not all replacements are listed).


You can do exactly the same thing with carb number two (871 is the number).


I might be interested in carb three, depending on number and price, and carb four, depending on price if you are identifying to sell.



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