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Carter Carburetor Company literature for sale (LOTS)


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As we continue to downsize, going through our literature.


Have roughly 500 pounds of original Carter loose-leaf Parts & Service manuals with pages from about 1925 to about 1979.


These need to find a new home, or more likely, SEVERAL new homes.


The pages from 1935 through 1960 are relatively common.


The pages from 1925 through 1934 are less common.


The pages from 1961 to 1979 are much more scarce.


I have hard-back binders, soft (leatherette) binders, and paper binders.


My prices will be a lot lower than those on Ebay.


How would you like to buy these? By the marque, by the book, by the pound?


No offense meant, but not going to sell only a sheet for a single carburetor.


Shipping will be by US mail; either media, or priority flat rate which ever is cheaper (I found out the hard way that on heavy books, media can be more expensive than priority flat rate).


Examples by marque - all of the pages concerning Buick from 1939 through 1960.


Examples by book - ALL of the pages for all of the marques from ???? through ????  (basically 1935 through 1960, but can start post-war, your option.


The 1961 and newer will probably be sold only by book, 1961 through 1979, as I may only have one of these.


The sheets 1925 through 1934 may be sold by marque of by book (the book would be 1925 through 1942).


Message what might interest you and your zip code, and I will price.


MIGHT consider photocopies on the newer stuff if someone wants enough to make it worth my time.



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