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1950 Oldsmobile 98 Convertible - $27,500

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Not sure about the pricing, but seems like they made an attempt to be honest. Refreshing!  


950 Oldsmobile 98 Convertible. Nice restored car.. I know nothing about the restoration, when it was done or who did it. My guess from being around the car is this was a decent restoration with a driver quality paint job. You can pick it apart up close but at 10 feet it looks great.. The engine was rebuilt from the looks of how clean everything is and how clean it is under the valve covers. The underside of the car is clean as well.. It runs and drives well.
Here are the bads: the car needs tinkering as I believe it was never completely sorted out after the restore. One rear quarter glass is broken. The fit on the doors needs adjustment.. The back of the hood needs pushed down after opened. Carburetor can use a freshen up as the accelerator pump is lazy.
It's a cool car with tons of potential.. It's a lot of car for the money. email: b8c6c45c9fbf3ed99d39b569b8fd137b@sale.craigslist.org


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I think that interior would have looked better if they painted the dash maroon with the silver insert to match.  I was trying to pick my brain to figure out why it didn't look quite right and I think that's it.  Still a nice car and not an impossible job.  The wiring under the dash looks a bit scary to me,  but atleast they fused everything.   All fixable.  Fortunately I don't have the extra money,  really and the shipping helps kill thoughts of getting it. 

I wonder if the chromed the vent window and 1/4 window frames?  Seems so many guys don't do that. 

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