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1930 Hudson shock absorber setting?


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My rear shock absorbers on my 1930 Hudson need new bushings and as I was about to pull them off to do the job I took some reference measurements and discovered that the drivers side shock has a measurement of 5 1/4 inches centre to centre from the mounting end of the connecting rod to the shock arm.  On the passenger side the measurement is 6 1/4 inches.  The connecting rod is one inch longer on the passenger side.  

I downloaded some technical literature for the 1930 Hudson and I have a illustrated diagram of a Gabriel Triple Hydraulic shock.  However the eyes on the end of the shock as well as on the solid mount eye coming from the axle housing are at 90 degrees to what I have.  The connecting rod has 90 degree bends at the end to match the eyes.  The diagram shows the centre to centre ( eye to eye ) as 7 1/2 inch.


My set up certainly looks stock.  Is there anybody out there that has any insight or knows what I should be setting the eye to eye measurement when I reassemble the shocks on to the connecting rod with the new bushings?



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