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1927 Buick Sedan For Sale

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1927 Buick Sedan in mid restoration. I have had the Buick for several years now and progress is just not going forward. Need to move out of my collection for more space. Runs and Drives - new brakes and suspension refurbished. Steering column gears replaced, new wiring harness, etc....I have nearly all the parts to complete the restoration (short on some of the pot metal window cranks that have broken, top cover, seat upholstery covers - have all the seat frames and springs, etc...). Carb flip performed, but I have the original Marvel that was rebuilt and all the parts necessary to convert it back if you wish.

Comes with spare set of: 

- Front Axle with wheels (wood spokes in excellent condition)

- Rear Axles with wheels (wood spokes in excellent condition)

- (2) Engine cores

- Transmission

- Generator, Starter, Water Pump

- Gaskets, bolts, bulbs, etc...


Car originally came from Eastern Washington, was parked in a barn when the pot metal distributor broke in 1950. Purchased by my friend in 1970 from the original owner and sat in his shop and then mine since. I got it running and driving a couple years ago. Put it around the property when I get bored. 


It needs a good home willing to take it the final step.


Im only asking $2500. I can not take trades. The title was lost by the second owner who has since passed away. Will provide notarized bill of sale.

Vehicle located in Cheahalis, Washington. You must take the vehicle and all the spare parts. I am not willing to part it out.  

Buick 1927 A.jpg

Buick 1927 B.jpg

Buick 1927 C.jpg

Buick 1927 D.jpg

Buick 1927 E.jpg

Buick 1927 F.jpg

Buick 1927 G.jpg

Buick 1927 H.jpg

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