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1938 Buick - Tucson AZ - Not mine - $14000

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Not bad looking.  Would be a good one to clean up and drive.







This classic sedan features a rare "sport/fastback" body style. The engine is a Buick straight 8 with a Stromberg carburetor and 3 speed manual transmission. Unique rear doors open to a spacious back seat. Running boards and classy white wall tires.
This Buick was enjoyable to drive in the city and on the highway as the engine and transmission sounds of a by gone era not heard on todays streets. Driving with family and friends will be enjoyable going out for hamburgers or an ice cream sundae.
Years of storage in garages, carports, hay barn and outdoors will require maintenance/repairs to renew normal driving. Previously, this Buick was maintained with original specified parts found at retail parts counters, local repair shops, catalogs and salvage yard browsing prior to internet browsing.
Odometer shows 03594, actual mileage unknown.
As you watch movies of the 30's & 40's era, you'll look for your car and later see that car in your garage!

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3 hours ago, B Jake Moran said:

That’s a weird ad. Reads like a 3rd party wrote it from a script.  Is it a Special, Century?  People want details, not hyperbole.  

It always annoys me when ads go on like this about how great it would be to own, or the history of the marque in general and don't talk about the actual car they are selling. Don't they realize that anyone seriously interested in their car would already know all that stuff?

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i can't see 14 grand; sorry! What is the condition of the front seat once that sheep skin is removed. Paint is dull and I'm not sure if a cut & buff would bring it back.  The front right fender in relationship to the wheel looks odd.  I could go on.. We've seen very clean specials before for a few thousand dollars more, so why buy this one?

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I had a '38 trunk back in this color. It grows on you, and is great for dusty areas. Should have dark brick red, almost brown, wheels.

Front fender seems high off the wheel. Jacked up? Engine out of the car?

Desirable body style, but the car needs a LOT of work.

Trunk back in this shape would be maybe $5K.

Not sure what the sport sedan (slant back) premium is, but I don't think it's $9K.


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