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Rubber parts

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If anybody has ever looked in vain for those door or trunk/rumble seat lid bumpers, rubber spacers/washers look no farther than the humble hockey puck. The hard rubber hockey puck can be sawed, drilled, sanded, ground, milled, turned in a lathe and they are readily available and cheap. I was making rumble seat lid bumpers the other day and realized I’ve never seen a thread on the subject so though I’d pass it on for that ever it worth.


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     Nice puck.  My compliments to the chef.  It looks like it may have seen a few shins, teeth and skate blades.

     Brad point drills or punches are best for putting holes in rubber.  Ordinary pointed drills make a messy hole that's smaller than the bit .           Turning or milling rubber requires a razor sharp tool that will sever it compared to tougher materials that will produce chips.

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That puck has history with many stories to tell and deserved to have its picture taken. I found Forstner bits make the best holes and don't we all have razor sharp tools or is that the second thing to go.

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     Who cares about dull tools when your skates are sharp?

     The summer solstice means we're getting closer to skating season.

     I pray to the Ice Gods for a bitter cold winter with little snow.




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