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1930 Model A Ford Standard Roadster

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Listing after 7 years of fun as we have a couple other cars in mind and limited space.


Standard Model A roadster in very solid condition.  Rumbleseat, DSM, cowl lights and some accesories you could choose to keep or remove. 


Ancient paint and upholstery but still draws a lot of looks, some dings but super solid - gas tank and lower cowl, etc. are all nice. Clean underneath, we suspect someone had the body off the frame at some point but a very long time ago.  So far every bolt I have taken off the car has come off without any trouble.


Engine runs very well, smooth with no smoke or noises of any type, doesn't use oil or leak excessively as can be the case on these cars.  Haven't opened it, hasn't seemed to need it.


New and professionally done brakes from pedal to cast drums, complete front end rebuild, steering box and column rebuild, brand new US made front shocks, radiator, water pump, new.  The generator, starter both rebuilt.  6 new Universal tires, new clutch and rebuilt shift tower. Rebuilt Zenith carb.   New Aries muffler.  All lights, horn work.  Dependable, safe A that starts well hot or cold, runs well with plenty of power and stops on a dime.  Correct top frame and new top with window in boxes.  More, will provide itemized list and receipts to serious buyer.


Can be enjoyed as is or paint and upholster to your colors.  Registered and insured in CT, local buyers welcome to test.  Sold w CT BOS.


Asking $14,750, PM here best or smackinnon@comcast.net


Thanks for looking!

2017-07-09 21.21.33.jpg



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1 hour ago, JFranklin said:

I just changed the oil in my Model A and think you made the right decision. There is an uncanny reason so many love the model A.

Agreed, I would miss it immediately.  I guess removing snow from Mrs. Mack's jeep is a small price to pay to keep a family member. 😊👍

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Everybody has to make these decisions for themselves. What they want, what they can afford or handle the care and maintenance of?

For me? I want a few cars, different cars, for differing activities and clubs or tours. And I want mostly cars earlier than the model A Ford. 

One of my longtime best friends (sadly passed away too young a few years ago) wanted one antique automobile. One great car! He toyed with the idea of adding a model T also, but quickly decided that his one 1925 Lincoln seven passenger sedan was the one car he really wanted, and he kept that one car most of his adult life once he bought it.

On the other hand, over the years I have known several collectors that wanted a whole bunch of cars all similar! I knew a fellow that owned almost twenty model A Fords! No model Ts, and almost nothing else except his modern car and truck. I also knew someone that had a bunch of Edsels, another with half a dozen Corvairs.


Although a bit newer than I like? I find model A Fords very attractive. I get tempted from time to time to seriously consider buying one myself. I have also always been a bit fond of mid to late 1930s Packards. I see the two as both very usable and drivable antique automobiles, and still quite different. I think they are a wonderful pair!


Of course, you have to do what is best for you!

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Agree Wayne.  If I had space and time I would have held the T speedster project which was earmarked for retirement.  I have no plans today, to cosmetically restore the A, that money went to the Packard.  I may take that on down the road, ideally like we did with mechanics, I did gruntwork while my friend Pat did the more skilled stuff.  Plus it's nice to have one at least where scratches don't matter!! 😉😁

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