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Large Brass Star Shaped Emblem - Need ID


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I have had this interesting star shaped emblem for a long time and would like to identify it's use and age if possible. It is 2 1/2" wide by 2 1/2" high, cast and machined brass with remnants of nickel plating. It is swept back vertically from the center for mounting on a sharply crowned surface. I got this in a large batch of auto emblems but am not sure it came from a vehicle. Any assistance is appreciated.






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I did sonder if it might have been something to do with the Wolverhampton (UK) based Star (active 1898-1932) but I see their logo had six points. The presence of that company's products in the colonies is the reason the Durant Star was sold there as the Rugby.


This is a 1925 Star in drivable but unrestored condition.



25 MK1925 Star John McDonald photo 1020.jpg

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