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1928 Buick Standard Six - Looking For Parts

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Good day, everyone.

Looking for some parts for a 1928 Buick Standard Six. I know that I am missing the passenger side headlight housing and the running boards. I believe that there is supposed to also be a rear bumper (I may be wrong) and if so then I need one of those also.

Located in Kiel, WI - let me know if anyone has parts available or know where I can find them.



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You can find headlights on Ebay.  They do show up ocassionally. 

Bumpers were an option at the time.  Ebay or Craigslist.  Another item that does show up, but not with as much regularity, and you are trying to match the front bumper.

Running boards you make yourself.  Follow this detail if you want to make them like the factory did.  1928 would likely be covered in rubber mat.   

You have a good looking car to start with.     Hugh



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