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For Sale: 1950 Pontiac Chieftain in Malone, Wisconsin - $11,000

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Not Mine - not enough pics - engine compartment incongruous with rest of car



Vehicle Description
This car is 100% original..runs and drives great...was stored for 50years then gone through and put on the road..only rust is a few small spots on drivers floor..but is solid..some spots where lacquer and paint has came off other than that no holes on entire body...After half full gas tank does drip..(new one is 200.00 ) has original bag of tire chains..Its a 6cyl manual..3 on tree


Must Message Seller on classiccars.com











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There's never much original engine paint left on these flathead Pontiacs is there? If it really is as represented I would rather have it like this than everything tinkered with under the hood. I do like the color, and the manual transmission. There was one this color, also quite nice, at the last flathead reunion. I don't recall if it was exactly the same year, but close.


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Very hard to believe that engine photo belongs to this car because quality of the photo doesn't match the rest of the photo's. But..... if it is that car I do wonder why the engine area was totally neglected and does that say anything for the maintenance and repairs over the years?

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That engine compartment photo does create a lot of questions. Look at the area where the windshield wipers are. 

I guess this photo could have been taken before the car was cleaned up. 

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