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Looking for parts for a 1935 Pontiac Deluxe 6

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I've inherited a 1935 Pontiac Deluxe 6.  I am looking for brake components to either replace or repair the car. Needing also the headlamp gaskets. It's a work in progress which I want to get it on the road and drive on clear sunny days. Any and all Help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance

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I have a 1936 Pontiac Master 6 that should take the same headlight gaskets.


The gasket is cork with a rectangular cross section. As I understand it the cork should not be the type that is cork dust bound in rubber because the gassing of the rubber will cause tarnish of the silver plated reflectors. I got it at https://www.stevesautorestorations.com/ about 5 years ago. I don't believe it was the cheapest but they did specify that it is pure cork and some of the others either are not or do not specify. You cut them to fit. I would try to stuff a wee bit extra if possible because cork shrinks. Put the split at the bottom.


Good sources for parts include @Kornkurt here on the forum (especially for NOS, but he is always my first call). California Pontiac Restoration is also good. https://www.pontiacparts.net/ . Their website has been less useful than I would like for some time recently, so I would call to see what they really have.


Master cylinder rebuild kits are still available. I believe wheel cylinder kits are too. The wheel cylinder cups are standard items available by bore size, so even if you can't find kits a wheel cylinder rebuild is often not a big deal. If the bores in any cylinders are too pitted up to seal after honing, you can get them sleeved in stainless steel or brass. I have used Brake And Equipment of Minneapolis, MN for sleeving. They use stainless and do a beautiful job. https://brakeandequipment.com/ . They can reline brake shoes too, if those turn out to be unavailable. The 35-36 shoes are a little weird as I recall. Another source for brake related stuff and relining is Brake And Clutch of Seattle, WA. https://brakeandclutchsupply.com/ . If you replace shoes, I highly recommend getting them arc ground to match your drums. That can still be done in MN. I'm not sure if you would have to ship them your drums. Probably. The brakes will look decidedly modern. They are sliding anchor type Bendix, almost like some brakes that were still on new cars in the early 70s. One crucial difference is that your brakes have centering adjustments that newer Bendix brakes do not. Get a shop manual and learn how to set those properly when you reline the brakes.


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