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Text in posts gets re-arranged

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I have two frequent problems when posting,

# 1    My posts often get the text re-arranged, like paragraph breaks, blank lines and photos interrupting the text body.  This often happens when I post, causing an immediate need to edit..

#2  Often when typiing,  the whole post disappears.   My little finger on the right hand seems to hit the Enter or Shift key and all the text disappears.   I 'm not sure what it hits, but some times after three attemps, I quit.   

Is there a secret code involving those keys that leads to delete?     The same thing happens to me when I type in Word-7.  My Delete key is way up at the top of the keyboard, I am not hitting it.


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I worked as the amateur IT guy at my work site and this sounds familiar. Just a shot in the dark, but here goes. First, I don't mean anything derogatory here, just trying to think the problem through. On a computer you are using a word processor,  not a typewriter. On a typewriter you need to hit return when the words reach the end of a line. A word processor (the computer) knows you are at the end of the line and will automatically push the next word to the beginning of a new line.  If you are pressing <Return> (Mac) or <Enter> (PC) at the end of a line, you're text will be very screwed up when the computer formats your text to fit in the dialog box-Especially if you are also trying to put in paragraph breaks or pictures. So, don't press <Return> or <Enter> at the end of a line, unless you intend to start a new paragraph.


For the second issue of disappearing text, you very probably are hitting the <Delete> key with your pinky. On a Mac keyboard the <Delete> key is near the top of the keyboard (two rows above the <Return> key). However, on both the PC keyboard and a full-size Mac keyboard there is a <Delete> key one row up and one key to the right (right hand pinky?) of the <Return>/<Enter> key. So it is possible (probable) you are accidentally hitting the small <Delete> key.


This was not meant to be demeaning, and I hope it is taken as constructive assessment of what could be your problem. I hope this helps!




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Thanks guys, I'll try not usung the enter key...

My "delete" key is up with rhe F keys.































]Key is up with the F keys

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