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Detroit Lubricator Packard Air Valve springs (through 1929)


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As some of you know, we ran out of these last year.


I was somewhat reluctant to contact the company that had produced these for me, as it had been 32 years, and have not had very good results with family companies where the older generation passed the company to a younger generation.


But I did contact the company about 3 months ago. The lady that answered the phone (no answering machine ;) ) asked to whom I wished to speak, and I told her my previous contact. She said that he was long gone, and his grandson was now the owner of the company, and she would transfer my call.


A gentleman came on the line, and told me the lady had told him I had asked for his grandfather. We talked about his grandfather for a few minutes, and then I mentioned the reason for my call. He said just a minute. About 5 minutes later, he came back with my file, and said yes, they still had my file, and the minimum would be 100 pieces. I was shocked! The other two companies had done a couple of computer changes, lost all of my paperwork, wanted me to pay for redoing the artwork and tooling, and minimums of 2500 pieces. So yes, I was shocked.


I asked, how much, and he said he would call me back.


That afternoon he called back with prices which were tripled (what hasn't), and I placed the order.


The springs arrived yesterday.


So once again, the air valve springs will be in the Detroit / Packard Air Valve carburetor kits, albeit the kits will be increased in price.


I know we sold two or three kits without the springs at a reduced price. If these customers will contact me with their invoice number, we will sell them the springs only at the difference in prices from the kit without the springs, and the kit with the springs. And since it was our fault these customers did not get the springs, we will pick up the postage inside the USA to these customers.


It took 32 years to sell 100 kits from the original order; I won't last that long for this order. ;) 


The new price for the kits is $200. each. plus postage.



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Hi Jon, can you be more specific as to the application of the air valve springs and what year and engine they fit. Also, is this for both springs,thanks Allen

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