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Looking for 35 v8 engine

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Hello I am looking for a spare engine for my 1935 Ford. I drive this vehicle often and I am going to wear out the engine. I’m looking for a spare engine that I can rebuild now. That way when the engine I have wears out I can just swap it and be on my way. 


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19 hours ago, bobcanuck said:

   Just a thought ... I believe that late 1936 engines came with insert bearings ... might be easier to rebuild (ie no babbit).

I believe you’re correct


I never said rebuilding would be easy. I pour my own Babbitt. I use my own mixture of antimony and lead. I’m trying to outfit my barn as a period correct machine shop and mechanic shop. I work at a restoration shop and I repair other peoples cars on the side. All prewar cars.  Mainly brass. 

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