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1936 Dodge D2 Sedan Dash Knobs

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You might try one of the steering wheel restoration shops. Years ago, I  had D & D Automobilia make new knobs for mine; it was quite a task but they came out very nice, though not cheap. That company has had a new owner for a while but they still may have the moulds. The switch knobs were cast with the shafts in place and the window crank knobs had threaded inserts cast in them. Quite a job with the insert letters and outer rings. here's a few pics of the new parts. A ll the rechroming of the letters and rings had to be done prior to making the moulds. The knobs were cast with the rings already in place in the moulds. Finding a really nice matching set will be next to impossible!

knobs 3.jpg

knobs 4.jpg

knobs 5.jpg


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Thank you for the photos. The knobs look awesome. I looked up D @ D and look like they are still in business. When I restored the Dodge I did everything myself except for the paint job,replating or polishing the exterior parts and the interior; headliner,seats etc. Everything came out like the original except for the dash knobs and door handle knobs. The dash knobs were replaced with knobs which are quite similar without the rings and letters. There is one knob that I assume is a throttle knob but isn't marked and has only a metal pull knob. I use it to keep the idle up a bit while warming up the car. I did manage to find one letter and ring. I'll have to search in my left over parts they gave me if there are more.

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Here are the pic of three different 1936 Dodge Cars. The Throttle knob is clearly marked with a large silver T.  I need enough knobs for 4 vehicles. If you can find a person to reproduce them, I would consider adding to the oder. A larger quantity should make the cost drop. I believe Jpage's head light knob is broken. In the middle of the L should be a Red Garnet it is gone. there is a little tunnel in the stem that allows light from in the switch housing to travel up to the garnet. That is the high beam indicator. The last pic is of a 1936 Dodge Head Light switch showing the High Beam Light. The other is the Head Light Knob it is broken. It is a poor pic but on the switch end are two tips missing is the bent part that hooks it to the switch arm. With out a new Knob assembly I have not spent much time on how to get a broken Knob attached to the switch.






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The knob on the left in the photo is the headlamp knob, as you can clearly see the indicator light.  It is not red but clear. The knob on the right is the dash light knob. The photo with the large amber "eye" is the cigar lighter knob. Originally, it had a red jewel, but I needed to find a good part to make the mould with and the part I found had the amber jewel. You don't see many of these lying around!  My original was shot, so I used the jewel from the good knob to make the new knob. I believe the knob I used for the new casting was from either a DeSoto or Chrysler. Here's a better shot of the top of the lighter knob. The color of the indicator was not a real issue with me. All the knobs were moulded from good original parts.


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