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They are finally here!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Some time ago, I said that the new distributor caps for the early twist and lock Delco 4 cylinder engines would be arriving from Germany.   They are finally here, delivered just today.  I am impressed with the quality and finish of these caps,  they are GREAT looking and finished to the nth degree.    Two different styles are available,  the early Cadillac, Buick, Hudson, Cole, CarterCar and others.   Also available is the #13852 which fits the later Buick, Davis, Elcar, Essex, Olds, Stutz, Nash and several others.   Available now for sale.   contact me   tsvanmeet@gmail.com  or 402-359-5762 

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Just a reminder to those early Cadillac collectors about the new bakelite caps for the early 4 cylinder models.   We will have them available at Hershey in a month.   Space  C4N 31-32    Tom



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