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Old Auto Remains - photos of cars returning to nature

Dandy Dave

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Here's a pile on a stone wall that belongs to a friend. 1930 Model A Tudor me thinks. Jack up that tire carrier and attach it to a car missing one? Or just buy a complete car and leave the tire carrier on the stone wall with the rest of the remains? 


Model A remains. Bob P's. 1.jpg

Model A remains. Bob P's. 2.jpg

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12 hours ago, Mark Shaw said:

Most common spare carriers are not worth much.  I believe it is a "Leaverite".

Yep. There's a big hole rusted in it.  Most likely will break off with a few bumps. Better one's are out there. Dandy Dave! 

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21 hours ago, Gunsmoke said:

Always interested in finding old cars seemingly left to nature. This set I took in 2017  I believe are of a teens era Studebaker, chassis was relatively complete, no body. Likely a gold mine of parts for someone who needs them, I was taken by how substantial some of the cast pieces were. It may still be there. I figure someone on here can pin down year/make/model.






Looks like a 1923 or 1924 Studebaker Big Six. Love those dish wheels. Look Here. https://thejbscollection.com/project/1923-studebaker-big-six-speedster/  If you could find the serial number on the block I bet that would pin down a year. Dandy Dave!

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Many decades ago, before the community I live in was developed, there was a steep dirt road, long since abandoned.  A neighbor's kids were digging in their back yard, found this, and called me.  It appears to be from a Chevy, possibly 490, from around 1920.  Most of the other finds in this thread are in remote areas, but not this one.  I live between Morristown and Bernardsville, NJ, about 30 miles due west of the Empire State Building; these pictures were taken a five minute walk from my front door.





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