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door weatherstrip

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I am replacing the weatherstrip on my 1941 Buick Estate Wagon. Attached is a picture of the Steele Peel-N-Stick product. Does anyone have experience with it on woodie doors? One observation is that the adhesive is only on the bottom with none on the vertical. A Steele advisor said I could put traditional adhesive on the vertical if I desired. That sort of defeats the advantage of Peel-N-Syick which is to avoid the messiness of the old adhesive. 




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Ok, I don’t seem to be getting any response to my question so I will broaden the subject out a bit. As I was removing the old rock-hard weatherstrip from my car I noticed two peculiar features. First, buried in the old weatherstrip were small upholstery tacks. Second, the weatherstrip had string running through it. have any of you encountered either of these?  The tacks were located on both sides of the 90 degree corners, at the bottom of the vertical run and above and below the latch guide plate. I don’t know if the tacks were installed originally or rather put in later in an attempt to prolong the life of the original weatherstrip. 

As for the string, I assume it was intended to strengthen the rubber. It was deeply embedded in the rubber. 

I’m working on the rear door. The weatherstrip is in the top, front and rear with nothing  on the bottom. I will be doing mitered corners on the two top 90 degree turns. I will acquire mitre scissors and not cut the two corners all the way through, leaving a small “hinge” on the outer side. If the tacks I mentioned were original I assume mitered corners and the 3M Peel-N-Stick adhesive will hold fast. 

On the front vertical are the two traditional hinges (not piano).  Do you notch out the weatherstrip for them or just allow the strip to compress without a notch?


Thanks all. 

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I have seen both the tacks and the string. I think you are correct about the string. I would guess that the tacks were used to hold the weatherstrip in place while whatever glue they used set up. I have used Steeles peel n stick rubber before and had good luck with it.


I don't know that there was any kind of standard or rule about the application of weatherstriping on woodies. Probably depended on the make, model, and who was installing it. I have seen it run over the hinges and have seen it cut around them, depending on the application, one will work better than the other. Sealing around all the hardware on any woodie I have seen is a take what you can get kind of thing. Would be nice to be able to seal one up like a new car but I haven't seen it happen yet.

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