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What are you 3D printing?

Bill Vroman

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I'm fairly new to 3D printing.   I've got a 53 Chrysler that has hard rubber sill plates that are falling apart that pushed me in this direction.   My current printer is a Prusa mini that I picked up as a learning tool.   So far, I've made parts for mostly for friends and post my completed work on Thingiverse or Printables sites for others to access.   

What I've completed:

shock bushings for 1936 Nash (3 types) in TPU - printed w/100% infill.

Carb warmer dash panel for 1927 Nash (PLA)

Inner fender plug for 1965 Cadillac (TPU)

Seat belt adjuster for 91 Cadillac (drops the belt down a couple of inches at the B pillar so it doesn't annoy my wife)

Currently working on hood protectors and bumper bracket grommets for 36 Nash.


I'm waiting to pull the trigger on one of the infinite Z access printers, to see if I can find feedback on successfully printing a long part in TPU as my sill plates are something like 42 inches long.   This seems like a better way to go than using one of the large format traditional FDM printers and printing the sill in 3 parts and hoping that the seams won't be annoying.  


I've also been printing things for a model railroad layout as well as a variety of trinkets like auto logo coasters.


What are you printing?  

Sharing what's available can help us all.


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A remodeling of my lab space means I have not been able to work on much. Next month, when the work is complete, I need to get back to 3D printing the patterns for the pedal assembly for an early French made automobile.


On a good note, as part of the remodeling and upgrade, we will have 3D scanning capabilities.


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I guess its just parts, but can you post pics of what you have printed?  I find this stuff very interesting but feel its way beyond my mental tolerance level. I am an old school draftsman type and can fake my way through with a pencil, drawing board and square. But I have tried multiple times to draw on the computer and it just doesnt register. Im afraid a 3d printer would be a large paper weight in my office. 

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I got into 3D printing about 2 years ago and am enthralled with it. I've made several pieces for my cars that probably would have been difficult if not impossible to get elsewhere. I've designed and built fire extinguisher brackets that don't need holes drilled in the car for mounting. I've made a drink holder out of a Chevelle console for my '66 Buick. And on and on. It has been an amazing tool. But it's not been all work and no play. I've designed and built little wagons for friends, based upon the iconic little red wagons we had as kids. Then I modify them to suit my friends cars and lifestyle. They are about 7" long. Here are a few of them:








I also take 1:18 scale diecast models and make police cars out of them:









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