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1927 Studebaker Standard Six head bolts and water jacket

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Sorry for the dumb questions but I am a newbie to this era of vehicle. I am rebuilding a motor which has been previously reconditioned but has sat for some time with water in it. I have a few questions and hopefully someone can assist me with the answers:

1. I turned the engine over on the starter and it pumped a heap of scale/rust into the water pump, which in turn split the pump housing. I replaced the housing and removed the head, and scratched and scraped as much of the water jacket as I could reach, removing most loose stuff with a magnet. I intend to flush the block before trying again. How do I stop this happening again? Should the radiator water include an inhibitor?

2. How do I seal the head bolts which go through the water jacket?

3. I can’t find any head bolt torque in any Studebaker documentation. Is there a rule of thumb for this?

Thanks in advance. Really appreciate the help.


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I had the same issues when I got my Dictator going in 1990. I spent quite a lot of time vacuuming the crap out of the block. You may find you have to replace the head bolts. The general opinion re torque figure was 65 ft lb but I had to go to 85 to get it to seal, but later had the head planed 20thou as it was slightly warped. At the time I think the engine was all standard inside, although the red paint on the inside of the block had me thinking someone had been at it before. It was quite tired but lasted for 5,000 miles before a rod broke just below the piston and comprehensively destroyed the block.  That car sat for 25 years until my son was old enough to want to play with it. He built up an engine, using parts from several engines I had found, and got some use out of it, although the rest of the car exceedingly tired and it is now in storage and has been donating a few parts to my 'new' one. That 'new' car, purchased a couple of years ago, goes ok but probably wouldn't survive a long tour so my other son has begun building an engine for it using the block from the spare parts car that came with the latest purchase. One thing that will be attended to is the weakness in the conrods.

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