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1924 Dodge Brothers stalling out issue.


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I recently traded  for a 1924 DB . Not knowing anything about the car  before a few months ago , I can only say what it does unsatisfactorily. 

The car starts, runs and drives  great . The odd thing it does when you descend down a grade or slow down  to take a turn it wants to crap out . Then it may take  5 mins to rest before it will start. Out on the open road at throttle it  runs perfect and pulls hills well. I tried  disengaging the clutch and raising the throttle , and its fine. Any ideas? Im running non ethanol gas.  This happens more often  when its  80F and more. Cold weather no problems. Thanks Mike 

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Is there a strong smell of gas when you open the hood after the car dies?  If so, it sounds to me like the carburetor is flooding on deceleration and/or downhill slopes.  It's bad enough that the engine floods and dies, then you have to wait for all the extra gas to evaporate before the engine will start again.  Maybe the carburetor float is soaked with gas or is leaking and barely has enough buoyancy to close the fuel needle on the flat.  When the car descends or brakes, the fuel pressure goes up and forces the needle off its seat, flooding the engine.

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1924 Dodges use a vacuum tank fuel system, which gravity feeds the carburetor from a tank on the engine..I don't see how deceleration or pointing downhill could cause fuel pressure to increase.


However, I've had problems with the float sinking and overflowing the fuel bowl.  They have a unique float arrangement which could be sticking, and they're very sensitive to crud in the float valve.


Can you tell if it's dying because it's flooding or too lean at idle.  Try pulling the "carburetor dash control" out a notch or two & see if the problem goes away.  This control is not a "choke" in the sense of a normal carburetor, but rather adjusts the position of the metering valve in the mixer to make the mixture richer.


Where do you have the timing lever set?  Retarded timing may make it idle poorly.  Timing is the back lever on the right side of the steering column.  Down (clockwise) retards timing for starting, up (counterclockwise) advances timing for running.


One additional thought, where is the cold air valve set.  The fact that the problem occurs in warmer temperatures would imply that it's related to input air temperature.  Normally the air to the carburetor is heated by the exhaust manifold, but there is an adjustable shutter to allow some amount of unheated air to compensate for warmer temperatures.


One other possibility is a problem in the vacuum tank.  If the float that controls the fuel level in the tank sinks, or the vacuum valve sticks, it's possible to fill the upper chamber with fuel, which then gets sucked into the vacuum line and floods the engine.


First thing to do is order a copy of the "Mechanics Instruction Manual"  which will have info on how to adjust the carburetor and set timing.   Repo copies show up on ebay all the time...just search for Dodge Brothers Mechanics Instruction Manual.  Once in a while a copy of the "Book of Information" (i.e. owners manual) will show up as well...if you find one make sure that it's the right date, as they were frequently updated.


Good luck,



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