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NOS Ford Truck Windshield Wiper Motor Kit

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I have spent Hours looking for this Part Number in my Ford Truck Parts Books. Cannot find it anywhere. Sadly I do not have any Motorcraft Parts Books.

Ford # D0TZ-17508-A     

On Motor   C7TF-17C434-A   12V-1   OCY   10   73

Motorcraft #  WM-150-A  


Thank You Again.   Greg Thomas


I have helped many people over the years to identify their parts.  I would appreciate it if someone would reciprocate and help me.

1966 FT Motorcraft WW Motor 1a.JPG

1966 FT Motorcraft WW Motor 1b.JPG

1966 FT Motorcraft WW Motor 1c.JPG

1966 FT Motorcraft WW Motor 1d.JPG

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